4 Simple Steps to Potty Train Your Little Dog & How Bully Sticks For Dogs Can Help

Chis are labeled as one of the most difficult dogs to potty train because of their small size. They will want to relieve themselves more often, so it’s important that your cute little dogs are able to poop in the right places! Don’t worry though. Chihuahuas are really smart and quick-learners. That is why it’s so easy to teach them new things. So, you don’t have to be scared about potty training them. It is way much easier than you think! In here, we give you four simple steps that will help you train your little friend.

The Younger, the Better


If your Chihuahua is still a baby, it will be easier to teach them how to satisfy their natural necessities in the proper spaces to do it. Be clear with the commands and they will understand it easier.

Choose the Spot


In case of you wanting your Chihuahua to do it in a specific bathroom or room, you should lead them to that place and help them keep their attention on doing their thing! They tend to play around and lose focus on what they are really trying to do, and it’s not a big deal until it comes to peeing or other stuff!

Take Them Out Often


If your dog has problems with doing their thing on indoor places, start trying to regularly take them on walks and teach them that that is another good place to do their stuff! Be patient and give your dog enough time to do whatever they need to do.

Encourage Them!


It’s important that if your Chihuahua did their thing in the proper place and at the proper time, they should also know that they did it well! You should have some treats like bully sticks for dogs in your pockets to give them as a reward for being a good puppy.

So, you see… It’s not that hard! You just have to be patient a loving with your little buddy.

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