6 Useful Tips to Know When Trying to Give Meds to Your Chihuahua

Dogs must also take medication, maybe because they’re ill, they feel bad, or for any other reason that made the veterinarian prescribe that medication for them. Most meds are orally administrated, which isn’t a good combination for restless dogs. So, here we give you some tips to know while trying to give meds to your Chihuahua:

Hide the Pill

This is one of the most used techniques. You can hide the pill your dog needs to take, inside any type of food that you’re going to give them, especially one that they like a lot.

In case the pills are big, they should be crushed and well attached to the food that you’re going to give them, because if your Chihuahua realizes in your first attempt that you were trying to give him some medication and you fail, it’s going to be very difficult to get them to take it a second time.

Apply With Syringe

If syrup is the medication assigned to the Chihuahua, you can administrate it with a syringe without a needle. Be careful with the teeth, so you should try to put the syringe behind them and then inject the medication.

Pill Pockets

This is one of the best strategies. The pills pockets are dog treats that open to insert the pill you want, which facilitates the administration of any medication for your dog. It tastes like chicken and it’s recommended by veterinarians, so there are no problems.


In case of applying drops, you should strongly yet carefully hold the Chihuahua’s head to avoid causing any damage and open their eyelids to apply the drops after that. In case of applying ear drops, you should also be very careful, hold the head firmly and massage the pup’s ear after applying the drops.


In case you have to apply any type of ointment, first, you should clear the hair in the place you’re going to apply it, then clean it carefully, and apply the ointment. You must put on some gauze or something that covers it in the end, so the dog cannot scratch it off.

Other Cares

Any medication that is going to be applied to the Chihuahua should be prescribed by their veterinarian, and you should ask if the medication should be given before or after the dog eats. Any other questions you have, try to ask the veterinarian. After all, they’re the specialists.

It’s normal for the Chihuahua to refuse to take the medication, by spitting it or something else. So you must be very careful when giving any medication to your dog. Depending on their behavior, you will know which of these tips to use and how to administrate any medication assigned to your little buddy.

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