5 Tips for Breeders In Order to Take Best Care of Your Chihuahuas

Chihuahua puppies are adorable and it’s one of the breeds that people like the most. Taking care of such a small pet is interesting. They become practically like your children, their care is the most important thing. So, here we present you some tips for breeders in order to take the best care of your Chihuahuas:

Always active


You must keep Chihuahuas as active as possible which will keep him from suffering from long-term illnesses due to a sedentary lifestyle, such as arthritis or others.



You must control what you doggie eats. You must give them the food that the veterinarian says, so you can keep them at an ideal weight. In their diet, Chihuahuas need to ingest fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 that help build the cell membranes of the body.



Chihuahuas are very small and fragile dogs, so they can’t handle any abrupt games or any abuse. So, you must be careful, and if one of these pups is in your care, you should be careful if they want to play with children because not all the kids know how to treat them.



They are very sensitive to cold, so, if have a Chihuahua and you have your AC on or the environment is very cold, you must put a sweater or blanket on them so they can feel warm.



You should bathe them once a week, a good bath with a special shampoo to avoid any type of ticks. Also, you need to brush their hair gently. You should also check their ears, and keep their nails short to avoid any broken chairs or furniture in your home or them hurting themselves.

Having a dog is something that many people should do. They become your best friends, and some people treat them like their children. The joy that a puppy brings to a home is indescribable. Also, they’re super affectionate and very loyal, especially Chihuahuas.

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